Tuesday, 20 June 2017

We Are Anti-Establishment (Pt 2)

(Contd From Part 1)

Again, moving on and in the year 2011 upon pitching up in another company, I was immediately given the task of conceptualizing a national campaign for Unilever. I relished the task greatly this time and went to work as a one-man Swiss army knife.
I had become notorious for refusing to work within the restrictions of the company at the time. Hothead, rebellious but I really wanted to have one on the establishment. They zigged, I zagged. I recall the company wanting to go in an overtly celebratory direction, which I didn’t feel answered the brief. Anyway I worked with the agency’s writer to create what they wanted but also went to work on my own interpretation. So at the presentation, it was their word against mine. What happened next was better imagined - Total bedlam and chaos in the boardroom. In the end, the client preferred to run with my idea as they found the execution closer to what they imagined. CloseUp Loves Naija was successfully birthed and went on to become one of the most relevant campaigns for that brand. It’s gone on to take several iterations since then. 

I resigned in 2012 and set out on what has become one of my most important journeys in my very short existence. This one helped me find purpose though. Bedouin commenced operations in 2013 - a child of circumstance. I knew I really needed to make a difference or stand the risk of remaining only a footnote in history. I’m grateful for baby steps and countless opportunities. Grateful for the support I received from family, friends and well-wishers but this piece is not about them. That would come hopefully soon. This one is about how we challenged ourselves to create some amazing work for every brand that we found equally receptive at the time, because at the end of the day nothing beats great chemistry. After all, no one gets out of an abusive relationship alive - the scar always remains! 

Oando 2013 Independence Day Ad
Oando 2014 Independence Day Ad

Oando 2014 Independence Day Ad

Oando 2015 Independence Day Ad

Fast forward to present day and I’m grateful we are still able to do kick-ass work albeit in a more relaxed, less-abrasive fashion. I also have managed to relegate myself in recent times to the background in a bid to give wings to the fledglings. I’ve genuinely enjoyed every moment of my time in the sun. The sheer privilege of it. Now my desire is to apply myself from within. However, I couldn’t resist the urge at one final attempt at creating my impression for what has definitely become my most favored theme – a cheeky reflection on Nigeria’s 56th Independence Day. Enjoy!

The next generation has arrived by the way. Keep watching this space.

2016 Independence Day Ad created by one of the Nomads at Bedouin

The End

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